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140+ markets.

Award winning integrated media and marketing.

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Zoom Fitness

Zoom's largest and fastest growing network continues
to deliver millions of upscale, healthy, active adults

Zoom Fitness
Over 2,300 health clubs and growing

Zoom is the largest health club digital media company in the US and the world. ZoomFitness features 2,300+ gyms and health clubs in 140+ DMAs that reach over 30 million active, health conscious viewers each month. These thought leaders and influencers have an above average household income and are better educated than the average consumer. They visit their gyms multiple times each week and value a healthy and active lifestyle, providing an invaluable opportunity for new product launches, sampling programs, building buzz and generating trial for a wide range of product categories.

Nielsen Measurement:
  • 63% A18-49
  • $115,000+ HHI
  • 3 visits to health club per week, 42+ minutes dwell time

Source: Nielsen Media Research September 2011, P18+

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Advertisers can use a variety of tactics to achieve their objectives in this environment:

  • Commercials on the in-club ZoomFitness Video Network™
  • Digital Signage on the ZoomFitness Video Network
  • Backlit billboards in the workout areas
  • Classic billboards in the locker rooms
  • Product sampling throughout the gym
  • Customized, integrated promotions

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Zoom Social

Dominate the nightlife space with ZoomSocial - 
the country's largest network of clubs, bars and restaurants

Zoom Social
Reaching 18 million bar & restaurant patrons each month

ZoomSocial reaches the nation’s young adults when they are out having fun in their favorite bars and nightlife destinations. Through the network of 2,000+ bars, clubs, and restaurants in over 45 markets, advertisers can reach a socially active audience while they are spending time with friends, and making new ones. This environment is highly conducive to building excitement around brands especially as this audience is much more likely to use technology to avoid advertising in traditional media.

Nielsen Measured and Client Loved:
  • 84% A18-34
  • $69,000+ HHI
  • 7 visits per month, 83+ minutes dwell time

Nielsen On Location Measurement of ZoomSocial Fall 2009 P18+

Zoom can bring your brand message to life through a variety of offerings:
  • TV spots, Flash animation, or other video assets on the ZoomSocial Video Network™ in common areas
  • Backlit billboards for high visibility in common areas
  • Classic billboards for gender segmented programs in the restrooms
  • Product sampling near the bar or through street teams
  • Customized in-bar promotions

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Zoom Murals

Cutting edge OOH, ZoomMurals combines art and media to create unforgettable work

Zoom Murals
Zoom is the pioneer in Mural Media, having placed commercial artistic murals across the country for 10+ years.

Zoom has a national roster of artists and a massive network of wall locations that clients access to put up amazing commercial advertisements. Murals deliver to agencies and clients the best of both worlds: creative, bold innovation and also effective, compliant placement.

The reason why Zoom is the dominant player in Mural Media is because we continue to evolve the media and offerings. Zoom is the only company that offers free creative service to our agencies and clients that translates original artwork into something custom designed for this media.

Mural Media is heading in bold and more effective directions than ever before.
Some examples of Zoom's innovation in this field include:
  • Documentaries detailing the creation and placement of murals for clients
  • Live sampling staged as murals are painted live
  • Social Media content including time lapse videos and tagged murals
  • Live Mural Jams that celebrate the brand's art
  • On air and live entertainment work featuring the murals and artists
  • Artwork licensing to share the unique pieces
  • Testing ground for new tech apps integrated into the campaign
  • Retail murals that create the largest POP available
  • Integration of recent art trends such as street art

Zoom Forward

Multicultural Marketing

Zoom Forward
Reaching Latinos and African-Americans in their lifestyle destination choices

Zoom Forward is the division within Zoom Media & Marketing charged with leveraging our multicultural assets to help clients reach their diverse target audiences. We are able to deliver award winning programs for advertisers through:

  • Award winning work that combines OOH and live promotions to reach a very targeted audience
  • Over 1,100 Social, Fitness, and Active Family venues in the top 10 markets reaching predominantly Hispanic and African-Americans consumers
  • Local market managers and staff provide key consumer insights and activations
  • Heavy market research combined with cultural knowledge drives the concepts

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