For the first time ever, ZOOM’s annual conference went international. Teams from the US, Canada and the UK spent a week in Toronto diving into strategic planning for the coming year and building cross-border relationships. Above is a picture of the US team enjoying a BBQ after an intense group workout, which was led by Nike Master Trainer, and host of ZOOM’s Basic Training series, Nikki Metzger. And below are a few key takeaways from the conference.
“Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.”
– Francois de Gaspe Beaubien, Chairman & CCO
54a105f4-51e5-407b-89c7-517e3962bc89Francois opened the conference with an analogy comparing the sales process to getting a new pair of glasses. You wouldn’t recommend the same frames and prescription to a new patient without examining their eyes. Just like you must ask the questions, do the testing, and get to know the patient before recommending what will be the best fit, you also must get to you know your clients and understand their objectives and KPIs in order to custom tailor a program to meet their specific needs.


“Consumer engagement is where it’s at.”
– Artie White, Director of Integrated Experiences
af4a9021-b2cb-4e43-ba9c-39eeb01634b4The followers of micro-influencers (those with 10K-100K followers) are more likely to engage with posts and take action such as purchasing a product or following a suggested routine, compared to the followers of mass-reach influencers (over 100K followers). Influencer programs with ZOOM tap into these micro-influencers to help brands capitalize on this sweet spot of follower engagement.


“It’s not about a segment of the population; it’s a segment that’s absorbing the population.”
Tony Healy, Senior Director of Research
cd87e922-899b-49d6-8c2e-217d8cb1626fTony’s presentation focused on the reach and growth of the active lifestyle consumer (ALC) audience. His research shows that 43% of the current adult population consider themselves ALCs, and that percentage continues to grow. He also pointed out that ALCs are FBF (far beyond fitness). A variety of stats prove that this audience is interested and influential in a wide variety of categories outside the fitness space, such as dining out, fashion, travel, and finance.



True story from an anonymous ZOOM employee, after spending a week with the UK team, trying to perfect an imitation of their accent.

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