ZOOM’s panel of active lifestyle “fit-fluencers” have shared some interesting insights recently. This month we are sharing some of the top findings from our latest polls.
15% would choose SEX as the one activity they would do for the rest of their lives.
The majority of fit-fluencers said running (22%), followed by swimming (21%). Minds. Blown.
74% prefer FACEBOOK over any other social media platform.
Social media platforms seem to come and go, but it appears Facebook’s got major staying power. With the addition of Facebook live and 360⁰ videos, they still offer the newest features with the most seamless user experience.
68% only make SMALL CHANGES to their diet and exercise routines heading into the Summer.
24% say they get ready for bathing suit season by cutting down on carbs or desserts. These members know the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout the year. No crash dieting or quick fixes here.
64% have or want a WEARABLE activity tracking device.
A key part of maintaining an active lifestyle is setting goals. Wearables make tracking and recording your progress toward these goals simple, and take into account your individual stats, allowing you to personalize your fitness journey.
69% plan to WATCH the summer Olympics in Rio.
Have you seen the bodies on those swimmers? Talk about #fitspiration.


Posted by jpritzker