The old cliche of retiring and spending the rest of your days playing golf may seem like a tired one, but truth be told, the great game can be an exciting and stimulating way to keep your mind, body and social interaction scene alive and well.

There are obvious benefits in playing golf for the body. We all know how walking the course keeps you physically active, but did you know that golf also engages the mind and connects you to a community of like-minded individuals?

Here are three great reasons why golf is an enjoyable recreational activity that all retirees should consider taking up in their future.

How Golf Helps Your Body

Golf is a spectacular way to keep your body active as you age, just like how exercise is beneficial to you. Even riding in a cart can help an individual burn up to 800 calories over a four-hour round according to Golf Digest.

An even greater way to maximise golf’s health benefits is by ditching the cart and walking the course. Even if it is just nine holes at a time, finding a capable push cart and walking the links can provide increased caloric burn and improved physical well being.

Perhaps the most significant reason to get out and swing your hybrid clubs is what golf does for your heart. By walking the course, individuals increase blood flow via an elevated heart rate that is good for overall health. Regular exercise can lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol while reducing weight and decreasing your chance of a stroke or diabetes.

How Golf Helps Your Mind
While golf activates the body, it also increases function in the mind. Golfers who stay active physically, promote brain engagement, and ward off maladies such as Alzheimer’s disease. As a senior, it is nice to grab your golf ball and play on the course.

Golf is a sensory game that involves feel and learning how to play through repetition. By practicing and working on different facets of your game, you are forcing your brain to work, and like a muscle, the brain needs that exercise to stay in premium condition. 

Another way that golf keeps our mind healthy is taking into account all of the strategy needed on the course. From choosing the right club to hitting the needed shot that a hole demands, the mind of a golfer is in a constant state of action, providing much-needed brain activity.

How Golf Keeps You Socially Active

Very few retirees are making strides to become a professional golfer, so the majority use golf as a way to stay linked with friends. Rather than spending your days of retirement stuck in a house, golf allows you to get some fresh air while staying connected within a social circle. You should be ready for your retirement, so if you want to enjoy it, then plan ahead. Loneliness can have adverse effects on humans of any age, but for seniors, being isolated can lead to depression and loss of self-confidence. Golf provides an avenue for laughing with others while getting the exercise needed for your mind and body.

Some retirees claim that there are too many obstacles in staying socially engaged such as money or finding a ride. But modern conveniences such as rideshare programs like Uber and senior discounts for a round of golf make it convenient and economically feasible to stay socially connected.

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Posted by Jason