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Sesame Seed Chicken – Proper Foodie

Making meals that are similar but healthier and more importantly, tastier, than takeaways is easy!

/ March 13, 2019

Proper Foodie – Banana Birthday Cake

Zoom Media and Proper Foodie celebrate our 1 year anniversary with a sublime banana cake.

/ August 8, 2018

Proper Foodie recipe – Summer Ice Lollies

With the nice warm weather we're enjoying in the UK, Proper Foodie teaches you how to make your own summer...

/ June 13, 2018

Proper Foodie recipe – Wild Rice Salad with Salmon

Proper Foodie brings us a salad using baked salmon and poached eggs that's rich in fibre, protein and omega-3 fats!

/ April 11, 2018

Proper Foodie recipe – Almond Carrot Cake

Spiced dates and almonds turn the classic carrot cake into a flavourful treat just in time for Easter.

/ March 14, 2018

Proper Foodie recipe – Tuscan Ribollita Soup

Try Proper Foodie's delicious traditional Ribolitta soup inspired by the wonderful flavours of Tuscany.

/ February 14, 2018
Proper Foodie - Chicken, Prosciutto and Blackberry Salad

Proper Foodie recipe – Chicken, Prosciutto and Blackberry Salad

The perfect chicken salad for winter with a nice twist that includes prosciutto and blackberries.

/ January 10, 2018
Leftover Turkey Sunshine Risotto

New recipe from Proper Foodie – Leftover Turkey Sunshine Risotto

Check out the latest healthy and delicious recipe from Proper Foodie!

/ December 13, 2017

New recipe from Proper Foodie – Moroccan Meatballs

Simple to cook yet big on flavour, try it yourself!

/ November 7, 2017

New recipe from Proper Foodie – Jerk Chicken

In the mood for spice? Jerk chicken tacos is the answer.

/ October 11, 2017