Women are pushing the status quo of conforming to a one size fits all beauty standard. Finding an activity or something that gets you towards your health or fitness goals is a big movement in 2019. No matter how you look, how fit or strong you are or where you’re from, SGTO aims to create a space where women can feel confident in their own skin and not be pushed to look or act in a certain way.

Strong Girl Takeover is one of the collectives encouraging women to be their best no matter what society may think of them. Centred around fitness, Strong Girl Takeover wants to help women feel comfortable in the gym environment that many may feel is intimidating due to it being a traditionally masculine space. Lydia Mok, founder of the movement, is a personal trainer and former contestant on the BBC2 programme Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week so she knows a lot about dealing with the image of being a strong woman in a traditionally male environment. She started Strong Girl Takeover as a way to get women more involved with fitness and it quickly evolved into a full-blown movement to support women in finding strength in multiple aspects of their lives.

Through her many years as a personal trainer, Lydia found that a considerable percentage of women either lacked confidence in the gym, were short of knowledge on the benefits of lifting for women or had a misconception of the results of lifting for women due to misconstrued media articles. SGTO aims to help women feel confident, independent and strong, inside and outside of the gym.

If you want to realise your healthiest and strongest self and connect with other women of all shapes and sizes, ages and backgrounds in a similar situation as yourself alongside reach out to some of the best female personal trainers in London then be sure to contact Lydia and get involved with the Strong Girl Takeover movement.

We’ve partnered with Strong Girl Takeover to spread their message of education, empowerment and support to women everywhere. Look forward to our upcoming content which aims to get you feeling confident in the gym.

Posted by Jason