Active Lifestyle Consumers make-up 46% of the UK so these individuals are more ordinary than you think.

This group are 60% light TV viewers 48% full time workers and do more than 2 hours exercise every single week making them an extremely hard audience to reach.

Whilst hard to reach these are the most rewarding audience to gain the attention of.

Never at home, on average they:

Will spend more than an hour traveling to and from work

Go to the theatre or a music concert up to 11 times a year

Are members of an organisation (27%) such as the National Trust or Wildlife Trust

Do more than 4 hours of sport a week (52%)

Are part of a sports club or sports team (41%)

Whilst this makes them sound like the all rounded, motivated individual that would most likely have the perfect diet. To The Active Lifestyle Consumer it’s all about balance, in their eyes the word diet actually means Did I Eat That…

70% will eat healthy but not at the expense of what they enjoy.

They are 20% more likely to visit a pub or bar more than once evening a week

107% more likely to eat out at a restaurant more than 3 times a month.

74% will also admit to treating themselves to things they don’t necessarily need.

Even though this group seem to have extremely active, on-the-go schedules, work-hard play-hard is absolutely the active lifestyle way.


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Posted by Jason