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If you’re not currently happy with your weight and have been putting off hitting the gym until now, you might just want to give in, keep procrastinating, and wait until the new year.

Because according to a new study, even the most health-conscious among us will put on a little extra weight over the next few months.

In fact, right now – the beginning of October – is the slimmest we’ll be all year. So enjoy it now.

A group of researchers collected data from the wireless weighing scales of around 1,800 Americans, 800 Germans, and 400 Japanese people over the course of one year.

They found that people were their lightest at the beginning of October, weighed the most around New Year’s Day, and didn’t get back to their pre-holiday weights until late April.

Which means that thanks to Halloween sweets, mulled wine and doughnuts at Winter markets, Christmas feasts, and plenty of booze on New Year’s Eve, we’re all destined to pile on a few extra pounds over the next few months.

Now, you could read these results, feel horrified at your impending weight gain, and vow to eat more healthily than ever before over the festive season

But we don’t reckon that’s the best option.

This is the time for comfort food and celebration. Don’t go too hard (so only have one giant Christmas dinner, rather than one every night of December), but give yourself permission to indulge a little. Accept that you might not be as toned in January.

Then join the rest of the population at the gym come January 2nd.

Posted by Jason