As a personal trainer, Jamie has a lot of female clients that want to get into weights but are afraid to go into the ‘mens room’. After some encouragement, they become more confident to train in this area of the gym, they all fall in love with weight training, become really strong but some are still nervous to go into this area of the gym when they are alone.

This video shows that with practise, correct technique and confidence there should be no reason to worry about going into the weights room. There should be no difference between men and women in this area, no matter if you are lifting the heaviest weights or the lightest weights. It’s about doing what works for you, and helps you to get closer towards your goals no matter where you are in the gym. It’s about ladies feeling more confident in becoming strong and owning their workout!

Exercises shown: Squat, Deadlift, Dumbbell Bench Press, Power Clean.

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Posted by Jason