This high intensity workout is great if you want more variety in your training! It allows you to work on your cardio vascular endurance, lower body, upper body and core strength all at once. Great to get you kick started in the gym this year. 

Can’t get on the rowing machine?

Switch this up for another piece of cardio equipment in the gym, theres no rules to a HIIT workout. Just work hard! 

High Intensity Rowing Workout 

Row 500m

Barbell Thrusters x 15

Upright Row x 12

Leg Raises x 20

Rest 1 min

Repeat x 4

This can be finished really quick and adapted if the gym is busy or if you dont have much time, plus it is really fun! Make sure you concentrate on your technique and make every rep count! 

This can also be done with up to 4 friends as a circuit, bring a buddy and have a laugh whilst doing it! 

Posted by Jason