Peter Williams, from Pure Gym, is back again to get you off your feet and hitting the gym on a regular basis. This month, the theme is focused around lowering the weight and focusing on the movement of the exercise. Each of the exercises are completed with a slow and controlled lowering phase and a more explosive lifting phase. By completing the exercises in this manner and not simply letting the weight drop, you will create more time under tension for the muscle which is vital when it comes to optimal muscle growth.

It’s easy to slip into the habit of trying to lift as heavy as you can but if you lose control of the weight, you may not be getting the benefit that you are attempting to achieve. Don’t be afraid of putting your ego to the side and lowering the weight to gain control of the movement. After all, Halloween is just around the corner so be brave!

Exercises shown: Dumbbell lateral raise, bench assisted row, seated bicep curl, dumbbell skull crusher.

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Posted by Jason