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/ October 10, 2017

Zoom’s 4S Challenge: The results

Zoom’s Fitness Pop-up appeared in Starcom yesterday to test their Strength, Speed, Skill and Stamina against the 4S leader board...

/ August 16, 2017

The Active Lifestyle Consumer becomes a fundamental audience group to many

With the fitness industry having huge growth over the last 12 months, The Active Lifestyle Consumer, also known as the...

/ July 7, 2017

Zoom Media Q1 NewsLetter: The perfect place to target consumers

Recent study proves the gym is the perfect  place to target  consumers Recent study conducted by campaign shows reaching consumers when they're...

/ April 4, 2017

The GFK thought leadership study finds gym members positive mindset increases by 200% by the end of their workout

Reaching consumers in the right mood could make digital ads 40% more effective Recent campaign study states reaching consumers when...

/ March 29, 2017

The Zoom Active Lifestyle Audience has its biggest growth

The Zoom Active Lifestyle Audience has its biggest growth since 2008 – 21% increase from 2015 Zoom Media has its first international...

/ October 24, 2016

Reaching Active Lifestyle Consumers with Zoom Mobile

Reach the active lifestyle consumer once they've left the gym with Zoom Mobile Contact your Zoom Media representative to find...

/ July 1, 2016

Targeting Active Lifestyle Consumers in Zoom’s first Fitness Pop-up

Zoom Media's Fitness Pop-Up! Maxus had a morning of fitness and competitions when the Zoom Media Fitness Pop-up came to their office....

/ April 1, 2016

Zoom Media is targeting Active Lifestyle Consumers in 2016

Issue 1 January - March 2016 Targeting Active Lifestyle Consumers New gym proposal for partnerships with supermarket Shoppers will be able to...

/ January 1, 2016