Daine Finch, personal trainer at Bannatyne Health Club, shows you these difficult but effective workouts to condition your body to get stronger and increase endurance using heavy weights and challenging sets. With regular conditioning, you’ll feel your muscle groups slowly getting stronger which means exercises that activate that group will get easier and you’ll be able to crank up the weight.

Burpees – A classic and intense exercise which works out your entire body, conditions your body and can be one anywhere on the gym floor.

Clean and Press – Another total body exercise which works out both upper and lower body as well as core. Great for improving strength and motor development especially if you are an athlete.

2-step dash – Keeping your posture straight and eyes up, this exercise can be made more difficult depending on the speed.

Battle Ropes – Alternating between 2 different motions, you can improve your stability and strength. You can increase the intensity by moving closer to the anchor point.

Posted by Jason