Meet The ALC…

Active Lifestyle Consumers make-up 46% of the UK so these individuals are more ordinary than you think. This group are...

/ December 5, 2016

What are these celebrity’s thoughts on being The Active Lifestyle Audience?

Like celebrities, busy and on-the-go are the main features of an Active Lifestyle Consumer’s routine and here’s what the biggest...

/ December 1, 2016

Expecting mums get down the gym with the mother of all workouts

Will this fitness revolution by the Fame founders encourage all to get down the gym? The millennials' studio of choice...

/ November 22, 2016

MOOD: New technology is taking digital signage solutions for the healthcare industry to new heights.

Check out Mood's insight on the use of digital signage into healthcare and how this media could enhance many organisations. Visiting your...

/ November 15, 2016

Can Zoom help Trump and Clinton get fit for president?

There is a clear link between fitness and success, want the evidence? Read on to see The Huffington Post's review on the fitness habits...

/ November 7, 2016
Low section view of a group of people exercising in a step aerobics class

The Zoom Active Lifestyle Audience has its biggest growth

The Zoom Active Lifestyle Audience has its biggest growth since 2008 – 21% increase from 2015 Zoom Media has its first international...

/ October 24, 2016
Friends Happiness Enjoying Dinning Eating Concept

Let the media lunches commence – study says that right now is the slimmest you’ll be all year

Interested why this may be the case? Read Ellen Scott's article for the below to figure whether the gym is the place to be...

/ October 23, 2016

Who’s the fittest in your office? The Zoom Media #fitnesspopup went to Mediacom this quarter

For the Second time this year, after seeing Maxus smash our fitness challenges Zoom Media took its #fitnesspopup out to...

/ October 22, 2016

Check out Zoom’s feature on the Fitness Network giving advise and tips on health club marketing

Zoom Media is one of the world’s leading providers of advertising and promotion for the health and fitness sector. In the...

/ October 11, 2016

Reaching Active Lifestyle Consumers with Zoom Mobile

Reach the active lifestyle consumer once they've left the gym with Zoom Mobile Contact your Zoom Media representative to find...

/ July 1, 2016