November 5, 2019 – Toronto, ON

Zoom Media, Canada’s premier health and fitness entertainment network, announced today a partnership with location-based martech company Hivestack, opening the media company’s digital inventory to more programmatic ad buying. The new relationship introduces Zoom Media’s in-gym advertising opportunities to Hivestack’s private marketplace and ad exchange, expanding the way digital marketers can reach highly coveted health club members in the process.

Thanks to Hivestack, advertisers can now programmatically tap into Zoom Media’s network, which boasts screen space in Canada’s leading health clubs, including GoodLife Fitness, Fit4Less, Éconofitness, Steve Nash Fitness World, LA Fitness, World Health, and more. Hivestack’s platform will enable brands to target a specific slice of the influential health-club audience by programmatically activating Zoom Media’s digital signage. Altogether, the availability of Zoom Media’s DOOH inventory on Hivestack’s private marketplace and ad exchange only reinforces the media company’s commitment to connecting its audience with relevant brands.

The announced partnership could not have come at a better time. In 2019, marketers demand from media owners sophisticated targeting capabilities punctuated with the efficiency of programmatic advertising. To exceed expectations, Zoom Media has been an early adopter of cutting-edge marketing technology. This new partnership with Hivestack proves that Zoom Media’s DOOH inventory is becoming as precise and dynamic as internet-based advertising.

“The media landscape keeps evolving and, as we all recognize, most of digital is now purchased programmatically. Being able to continue to team up with partners that offer our advertisers programmatic solutions to purchase our digital inventory is a priority for us at Zoom,” said François de Gaspé Beaubien, Founder and CEO of Zoom Media. “We are thus thrilled to be integrating with Hivestack, one of the global leaders in bridging digital advertisers to Digital Out of Home”.

“Zoom Media is known for its expansive network and its exclusive access to hard-to-reach gym members. Our partnership provides Hivestack customers a new channel to reach these literally active consumers,” said Andreas Soupliotis, Founder and CEO of Hivestack. “We expect Zoom Media’s inventory to be in high demand on our platform.”

About Zoom Media:

Zoom Media Group Inc. is the largest fitness digital media company in the United States, Canada, and the UK, with more than 4,500 locations. Zoom Media’s network is measured by The Nielsen Company and reaches over 120 million monthly viewers across 25,000 digital screens and over 55,000 static media placements. Zoom Media also offers product sampling and experiential marketing programs. For more information, please visit

About Hivestack:

Hivestack is a location-based marketing technology company that drives business outcomes. Digital marketers use Hivestack’s technology to connect with custom audiences in the physical world based on consumer behavior and audience movement pattern. Hivestack is a full-stack platform that enables digital marketers to transact with DOOH publishers programmatically. The platform’s unique value proposition to marketers include audience science that analyzes massive privacy-compliant mobile datasets for the purposes of measurement and DOOH ad serving. The company was founded in 2017, and has offices in Canada, U.S. and Australia and is currently undergoing worldwide expansion.

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