Zoom engages targeted demographic audience through health club advertising

TORONTO, ON – Zoom Active Lifestyle Marketing, Canada’s leader in fitness media, has today launched a powerful campaign to support its strategic focus on active lifestyle consumers.

Being driven through print and digital video channels within Zoom’s network across 750 health clubs reaching 4 million Canadians, the campaign reveals how its exclusive position puts brands on the front lines of sweat and passion with an approach that is inspiring millions of active lifestyle consumers.

“This campaign speaks to a very powerful and active community,” says Chris Corvetti, Zoom’s Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “It can be difficult to attract this discerning audience therefore inspirational messaging is key to success. Fitness media is very effective at commanding attention — at a key time when active consumers are open and receptive to buying in.”

Conceptualized and produced by Zoom’s in-house creative team, the campaign demonstrates how Zoom empowers relationships with influential consumers at a relevant point of passion — in the gym, at the health club and fitness studio.

“The fitness space offers an innately captive environment in which the audience spends an extended period of time engaging with a brand’s message,” Corvetti says. “It’s a relaxed, optimistic atmosphere — free from competing advert noise — where people are positively motivated about their health, appearance and well-being.”

Rolling out in 25 Canadian markets coast to coast, the campaign connects directly with Zoom’s dynamic and health-conscious audience on a repeated basis during their weekly routine.

Audiences who frequent fitness clubs are aspirational and disciplined. They are leaders amongst their peers, early adopters who are persuasive in purchasing decisions. This audience is receptive to messaging that is informative, entertaining and, most importantly, of value to them in reaching their active lifestyle goals.


About Zoom Active Lifestyle Marketing

Zoom Active Lifestyle Marketing is the largest fitness digital media company in the United States and the world with more than 4,000 digital media locations across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. In North America, Zoom’s fitness network operates in all Canadian provinces and over 160 U.S markets. Zoom’s digital media networks are measured by The Nielsen Company and reach over 115 million monthly viewers across 25, 000 digital screens. Zoom has offices in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Los Angeles, London and Manchester.

Information: www.zoommedia.com


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