As consumers migrate from television, and ad skipping becomes more of a tradition, Zoom Active Lifestyle Marketing (“Zoom”) offers advertisers a regimen that performs.

Zoom, the exclusive ad, entertainment, and fitness content provider for Canada’s leading health clubs, supplies advertisers with an integrated media package that includes Nielsen-measured digital signage, custom promotions, and a video network.  Appearing in over 500 of Canada’s biggest gyms and fitness centres, the ZoomFitness Video Network touches an engaged, influential audience, and is an integral part of the overall health club experience.

According to Nielsen data, 87 percent of gym members spend time listening to or watching the ZoomFitness Video Network. Of this audience, more than half frequent the gym three or more times a week, ensuring steady viewership of the network. The extensive reach and omnipresence of Zoom’s video offering gives advertisers a unique platform to target the active lifestyle consumer.

Recent ad campaigns speak to the impact this platform has in the health club space.

In March, FGL Sports, the largest national sporting goods retailer in Canada with the branded stores Sport Chek and Sports Experts, launched a ZoomFitness Video Network campaign with a 60 second commercial with sound. The results from that ad exceeded expectations. “At FGL Sports, we believe context advertising is effective in driving incremental revenues,” said Frederick Lecoq SVP Marketing and eCommerce for FGL Sports, “During the campaign, we saw our sales numbers for stores located adjacent to ZoomFitness venues over indexed with a 6% increase versus those that were not.”


A leader in the Fitness Tracker category ran 30 second commercials with sound back in April. A recent survey validated by ResearchOne reveals the Zoom FitnessTV campaign was also an unmitigated success: 60 percent of all health club members recalled seeing the ad, while 55 percent indicated they have a favorable opinion of the product, a seven percent bump from the pre-campaign survey.

“The ZoomFitness Video Network not only delivers curated content to the active lifestyle consumer, but it also provides advertisers an exclusive conduit to this highly desirable audience,” said Zoom’s Chris Corvetti, vice president of sales and marketing.

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