TORONTO – February 8th, 2019 – SodaStream, in collaboration with Zoom Media, invites Generation Active to stay hydrated with sparkling water right after their workout session! The brand is activating in GoodLife Fitness centres in selected centres across Canada creating awareness, driving immediate trial and engagement.

“Since hydrating your body is a natural next step after a workout, we’re helping elevate overall fitness routines while keeping the Generation Active audience hydrated in the fizziest way possible. We are facilitating this experience by sampling sparkling water directly in the gyms and by demonstrating how easy it is to use Soda Stream.” says Fiona Donoghue VP Operations & Logistics at Zoom.

The campaign execution in Zoom’s Fitness network involves digital advertising, brand ambassadors demonstrating how the SodaStream machines work, sampling of sparkling water and special giveaways to gym goers.

“We are offering a great audience and environment to SodaStream,” says Chris Corvetti, VP Sales and Marketing at Zoom. “Generation Active is a segment of Canadians that are defined by what they do and not when they were born. They know that being alive means being active and part of their journey to living life to the fullest includes exercising 2+ times per week and shopping after their workouts.”

Posted by zoom