Clover Leaf Seafoods puts a new twist on tuna for hungry and busy urbanites with Toppers, its new line of 4 varieties of tender tuna in savoury sauces, which are heated and poured over rice or pasta, or even hot or cold straight out of the bowl – perfect for lunch or dinner anytime, anywhere. And ds+p is helping Clover Leaf to spread the news by taking Toppers to the streets of major urban markets across Canada.
“Consumers, especially young urbanites, are extremely busy, particularly during weeknights and they are often working late and trying to juggle post-work commitments like working out and meeting up with friends.” said Lorna Buchanan, VP Marketing, Clover Leaf. “Although they like good food, they find meal prep during the week to be a daunting task. They want something convenient, affordable and healthy and often resort to frozen meals, take-out or leftovers for meals. With Toppers they can make a healthy, delicious meal in no time.”
The new Toppers line comes in new vented microwaveable bowls complete with a handy ‘spork’ that can easily be thrown into a purse, a gym bag, or a desk drawer, and features four mouth-watering flavours: Mediterranean, Mild Curry, Tikka Masala and Lemon Pepper. Just 30 seconds in the microwave and you have a delicious, healthy tuna meal which can be eaten right out of the bowl or poured over rice or pasta. You can even eat it cold straight out of the bowl or poured over a salad.
ds+p developed an integrated campaign that targets busy urbanites in major markets across Canada to get the word out about new Toppers.
To ensure trial they have also taken the campaign to the streets through the use of a Toppers branded food truck that has been cruising the downtown cores of Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver, as well as sampling inside and outside of major office towers, transit stations and fitness clubs in those markets.

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